About the

Pet Portraits

​The portrait is drawn from a photograph. The materials used are pastel ( full color) or charcoal (black and white) Miniatures are done in either pencil or color pencil.  The finished portrait comes matted and ready for framing. Framing and delivery service is available to customers in the Boston area.


​Send or e-mail me your picture, snapshots are fine. Your photo’s should be in focus and show your pet’s eyes clearly.  The picture looks best if you take it at eye level with the pet, not from above.  One picture is enough to work from, but the more you send the better.


​The portrait is guaranteed within three weeks. Please ask if you need it sooner. The finished portrait will be sent to you by USPS, this cost is included in the price.  


No payment is required until you are fully satisfied with the finished pet portrait.      

Cash, checks or Paypal are accepted.

The Artist

​Henriette Scherft graduated from the

Academy of Arts, Rotterdam, the Netherlands,

with a Bachelors degree in illustration. She has

been working as an art teacher and freelance

illustrator in Boston since 1990. Pet Portraits

by Henriette was established in 1995.




Henriette Scherft

857 352 7349