With his beautiful curly coat and gentle expression, Simba was a pleasure to draw. The flash in the photo created some challenges, particularly with the eyes and coat, but these were relatively easy to correct.​


Liz, Simba's owner, wrote the following:

"I recently received a drawing of my toy poodle Simba as a Christmas present. I was completely overwhelmed by the beautiful detail of my pets face. It was truly one of the best gifts I have ever received.

We welcomed Simba to the family when I was in the second grade (Im 26 now!). He was our very first family dog. I remember how exciting it was to have a new best friend. Since then, he came on every family vacation, celebrated every birthday with us ect. All family members agreed I was Simba's favorite. He slept at the bottom of my bed, laid with me on the couch ect. Feb 2012, at 18 years old, Simba passed. The portrait truly bring him back for me. The photo that was given to you wasnt a great one, his eyes were glowing from the flash ect. Somehow, you COMPLETELY captured his eyes in the drawing. He was extremely intelligent, and it all came through his eyes. His personality and expression were captured to a T!! His little nose and mouth were perfect as well. It wasnt just a drawing of a poodle, it WAS Simba. I continue to be completely amazed and overwhelmingly thankful for such a beautiful drawing. Thank you for bringing my best friend back to me in such a beautiful way." Sincerely, Liz

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