It is always nice to draw a cat with such a beautiful coat. Here is what her owner, David, wrote about her:


It was the day after Thanksgiving, November 25, 2011—a day on which I felt I could wait no longer to relieve the suffering of my sweet friend of nearly fifteen years, the little female tabby cat whom we called “Calico,” “Cali-cat,” “Pussy Whitefoot,” “Tiny Tiger”and many other names of fond endearment. Cali had been suffering with renal failure formany months, and I didn’t expect her to be with us even for Halloween; I was so happy that she was able to stay with us through Thanksgiving—for she was a presence in ourlives for which I will always be so very thankful.

Cali came into my life on Valentine’s Day in 1997.

The pet-supply store was hosting a group of what looked like volunteers, and thinking that I might like to do that work someday myself, I decided to chat with them. I did not need another cat.

I was handed a sweet lady cat of unknown age (probably at least one year, but maybe more), who promptly put her arms around my neck and hugged me. She had been found wandering in heavy traffic, with one front paw stuck through her collar; its metal ID tag had severely injured her underarm. The NM Humane Association had performed several surgical procedures and the little tabby was mending well.

For all her years, Cali has been so much more than a cute and loving cat: she has been the very embodiment of love. She demonstrated her love of her human family at every possible opportunity. She was an equal-opportunity lap cat, who loved to kneed our tummies, to be stroked and tickled, and then to fall blissfully asleep, demonstrating once again her complete trust in us.

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