Her owner wrote this about Roxy:

Roxy came to me from St. Thomas, she was one of many dogs abandoned and then rescued by a team that works with Save A Dog in Sudbury, MA.

Roxy was abused for approximately 4 years before making her way to me and Joe. She has physical scars and certainly emotional ones, but my little one survived!

In the past 2 years since that we have loved her, she has made tremendous progress, but still lives in fear when she is faced with new people or new surroundings.

I received the portrait of Roxy, created by Henriette, as a gift from my staff for Christmas this year. I had no idea it was in the making.

When I opened it, I immediately cried. I could not believe, (and still am amazed) how poignantly her sweetness and sadness was captured in this drawing. I treasure this gift and have already had Henriette create a portrait of my daughter's dog. She did it again.


I enjoyed drawing Roxy, it was immediately clear to me from the photo that this was a sensitive pet.

As sometimes happens the top of her right ear was not captured in the photo, however in this case, it was an easy fix.


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